Monday, July 13, 2009

An Eye-Opening Contrast


My name is Jackline. I am a girl of 15 years and am in Senior 2. I am an orphan. Both of my parents were killed and I have brothers and sisters still at home I take care of. They are not in school and have no one to pay school fees for them. They need an education, clothes, care and so many things because when someone is not educated he/she starts doing bad things like prostitution, stealing, becoming mothers when very young and this is not good for them and lost parents is causing all of these.

What I will do after my studies, I will like to help people because I know how painful it is to not go to school, lose parents and relatives like me who passed through this. I will maybe like to be a teacher or a nurse. My friend, I know I have to not tell you anymore because I know you understand. I pray that God blesses you and adds to you more and more and we are so grateful for you.

Yours faithful,
Jackline, age 15
Gulu, Uganda



My name is Savannah. I'm going to be a freshman at Kaneland High School. During the school year, I will be in cheer and track. For track, I run the eight hundred. It's a pretty hard race, but that's okay because I love running. It's one of my favorite things to do aside from being with my friends and family.

I live in Maple Park with my family. My family consists of two sisters, a brother, and my mom and dad. They are all very crazy and very loving. They teach me everything I need to know about life and have inspired me to be my very best. My goal is to succeed at whatever I do in life and they will help me reach my goals.

When I grow up, I am hoping to be a surgical nurse. I love helping people and I'd love to be in the medical field. I know it's a very big dream and will be hard to reach, but I will try my best and know I can do whatever I want to do.

-Savannah, age 14
Maple Park, Illinois


The assignment was simple...write a few paragraghs describing yourself. The results...telling. The give girls like Jakeline some of the same opportunities and hope as girls like Savannah.