Friday, April 29, 2011

Hairdressing Graduation

The countdown begins! The drop-in center girls eagerly await graduation on May 13th! Watch as they share their feelings about their final exam and future aspirations

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Camp Scholarships

This Easter weekend, Annet and Winnie (above) were given scholarships to attend a Scripture Union Camp. Scripture Union is a Christian club on most school campuses in Uganda. Our girls are active members of this club and participate in lunch-time prayer and bible studies.

Winnie and Annet were given scholarships because they are distinguished as leaders at school and at the Purse of Hope home. We know that they'll be eager to share the lessons they learn at camp with their other sisters when they return home.

We're so proud of these two girls and believe the lessons and skills they're learning at this camp will encourage their growth into incredible leaders in their community and the even the world. Great job girls!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A beautiful Gift

Eve, a mentor in the Total Impact Home, has a unquenchable passion for music. Although she's soft-spoken and typically quite mellow, she comes alive when she worships.

Since her arrival to the home in October, we've watched the Purse of Hope choir grow in amazing ways. Our girls are now singing in 3 part harmonies and awing all who visit the home.

We often find the girls spending their free time sitting with Eve under the mango tree, memorizing the lyrics to new songs and practicing together.

Eve has been praying that God would provide a way for her to join a class at church to learn how to play the guitar. Little did she know, that God was sending Danny Lima to Uganda to answer that prayer. In the picture above, Eve is proudly strumming her new guitar, a gift from Danny.

Thank you Danny for this incredible gift! Who knows what could be next for the Purse of Hope original piece with guitar accompaniment? We hope so!