Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just last week dozens of girls in Uganda were justifiably proud to receive their honored guests. Ed, CEO of Total Attorneys Inc. and his wife Ashley arrived in Kampala on the 17th. They spent the afternoon and evening with Blake, Robinah, and the POH girls at our vocational school located in Bwaise, a large slum on the north side of Kampala.

Ed and Ashley were welcomed with singing, dancing, big smiles and open arms. I was told, though the girls in Bwaise weren’t familiar with Total Attorneys, they esteemed Ed and Ashley like family knowing they had hearts for girls in Uganda.

On the morning of the 18th, Ed and Ashley chartered a small plane to Gulu. In order to meet them there, Robinah took five of the Bwaise girls by bus the night before. This is what Robinah emailed me along with the pictures:

“In life we all have dreams we want to achieve, girls in Bwaise, their dreams were to travel in a bus and see a plane. Today their dreams came true when they went to Gulu Airstrip to send off Ed and Ashley as they were taking a plane. And in the same afternoon, they’ve traveled in a bus from Gulu to Bwaise. What were their dreams yesterday, are their realities today. It takes just a few minutes to change a life. Thank you Purse of Hope for making our dreams come true.” -Robinah

For the sake of perspective, the bus ride between cities is approximately six hours. The girls enthusiastically sat on a hot bus for twelve hours to realize their personal dreams of travel and to participate in Ed and Ashley’s farewell celebration.

To the girls in Bwaise, Gulu was a far away land still being ravaged by violence and atrocity. They were able to see for themselves how the North has experienced peace and is rebuilding after the twenty plus years of civil unrest. They also witnessed how their sisters at the Total Impact house are rebuilding their lives thanks to people like Ed, Ashley, and all of you supporting our mission.

During their stay in Gulu, Ed and Ashley toured several schools, the large market, local businesses and neighboring projects. We have comprehensive footage of both days activities which Blake will be sending back with a group next week.

You can be sure there will be plenty to follow!