Thursday, October 21, 2010

Favor's Song

Meet Favor, one of our girls living in the Bwaise Center. She's a bubbly, fun-loving, and talented, young lady. Though she's new to the home, she already been chosen to lead the group in choir practice and dance classes. She's showing some great leadership potential.

This week she shared a song she recently composed. Her voice is beautiful and the lyrics are amazing. She wrote the original lyrics in Luganda, her native language, but translated the song into English so we could share it with you. Life has not been easy for 14-year-old Favor, but the worship and joy that she exhibits are such a testament to the transformation we're seeing in her life.

Favor's Song:

Jesus you’re prefect
You’re what the earth yearns for
Flowers and animals praise you
Who am I not to praise you?
Because you’re the one I’m yearning for
When I’m tired and where I’m going is hopeless
I will call your name
Which is better than all names
And it gives me way

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bwaise Talent Show

Diana, one of the amazing mentors at the Bwaise home, had an incredible idea to host a talent show to showcase the girls' talents and build confidence. We believe that God has gifted each of these girls in unique ways and want the girls to be proud of who they are. A volunteer in Bwaise, Katie, put together this video to share the day with you. We're SO proud of these girls and are excited to share their talents with you.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Our 5k!

Thanks to all of you who participated, sponsored, volunteered, and cheered! It was a fantastic event!