Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Healing Transformation

An important part of the healing process for the Purse of Hope girls is moving from feeling victim to circumstances to feeling empowered as an agent of change in their community. After a year of growth, transformation, and healing, the Purse of Hope girls are truly becoming empowered young women.

A few months ago they began asking us if they could begin ministering to people in their community. Now, they have not only participated in community outreach activities such as cleaning wells and bringing food to poor families, but they have also chosen to volunteer at St. Jude's, an orphanage in Gulu town.

In addition to these activities, they have also started leading activities for their sisters in the home. The Purse of Hope mentors, or "aunties," challenged the girls to begin leading bible studies and devotions in the home. The girls have stepped up to this challenge and excelled! This week, Annet (pictured above), asked the aunties to teach her a worship song so that she could teach her sisters. It was a beautiful lesson to observe.

The girls sat attentively under the mango tree while Annet fearlessly taught "Hosana" to her sisters line-by-line. The beautiful voices of the girls soared over the compound wall and into the neighborhood. Before they knew it, children were climbing the trees and fences to catch a glimpse of their lesson, shouting "sing it again!"

It is these moments that take hold of my heart and reveal that these girls will bring hope to a land that has been plagued by war, violence, crime, and poverty. They will be agents of change that will forever change a generation.