Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thanks Total Attorneys & Friends!

(The amazing group: Reza, Katie, Kevin, Leah, Kristin, & Ali)

When Kevin Chern of Total Attorney's & friends (Reza, Ali, Leah, Katie, and Kristin) came to visit us, they brought tons of goodies. Not only did Kevin bring an amazing group of people, but together they brought clothes, shoes, bags, sports equipment, computers, and much more! Our girls felt so loved that many of them started crying tears of joy. Beatrice even said, "I never knew someone could do such a thing for me. I came from dust, I wish people could see me now."

The gifts Kevin & friends brought had much more value than strictly material. To the girls, the gifts showed that they were loved and supported by people all the way around the world.

One of their favorite gifts was the computer! The girls have even asked us to print out pictures of them sitting with the computer. The mentors have added "computer skills" onto their list of activities for the home. So far the girls have learned how to load music onto the computer and are getting familiarized with the keyboard. Here are Concy and Stella (who are very happy to have their picture taken with such an amazing gift!).

The group also brought lots and lots of sports equipment. I'm sure they knew we liked games, but I don't think they knew just how competitive we are! The girls love playing with the volleyball, the handball, and the basketball. They're practicing netball (a local game girls play in school) and even learning some new volleyball techniques. Prossy, our basketball star, has enjoyed teaching the girls her skills, which they are very eager to learn.

Last, but not least, is the badminton net. Though this was new to all the girls, it's quickly become their new favorite game. Our Project Director, Pauline, played this game as a child and was so happy to teach the girls. At first, she was the master and none of the girls were able to beat her. But after a few games, Pauline found out that the saying "the student becomes the master," was all too true. Beatrice and Stella learned quickly and have been battling it out to see which one is the best.

A big thanks to the group and all who contributed for your generosity and love. We are so thankful for all you've done for us and loved getting to know each one of you.